16 April 2020

Irreversible process of technological development in the modern world has faced society to new challenges— achieving remarkable progress seems rather impossible without proper using of the information technologies. Likewise, using technologies effectively doesn’t only mean certain infrastructural mobilization, but  creating so called “ Information Society” and involving in this global network, and that obviously, is impossible with the public sector’s efforts only.

Unfortunately, situation regarding above mentioned issues is not very good in Georgia—even though implementation process and its using in various fields has begun  in some ways, civil involvements in the process is still quite low. Moreover, there has not been an organization in the NGO sector until now which would take up and resolve these problems. That’s exactly why N (N) L E Institute for Development of Information Technologies (IDIT) was set up in September, 2016.

Since its establishment, Institute for Development of Information Technologies has taken effective steps in improving the situation, though there is certainly greater effort required for fundamental changes. Consequently, major challenge for IDIT today is to promote positive changes and to expand its impact of on the whole society.