Who We Are

5 May 2020

Institute for Development of Information Technologies (IDIT) is a non-governmental organization, aiming to implement Information and Communication Technologies in various fields of activities; raising public awareness regarding these issues and standardization according to international practice.

Mission of the Institute for Development of Information Technologies (IDIT) is related to the challenges and problems in the field of Information and communication Technologies, and by solving these problems achieving positive results for the full and successful development of the society.

In doing so, the organization has the following objectives:

  • IT awareness and promotion among the society;
  • Adopting international standards and sharing best practice;
  • Creation/refining the legal base for IT and Security advocacy purposes;
  • Promoting citizens’ awareness and involvement in supporting ongoing reforms and decision-making process in the country;
  • Civil society development;
  • Protecting Human rights, dignity, and freedom with the advocacy of citizens’ interests;