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Cybercrime statistics in Georgia

27 February 2017
Cybercrime statistics in Georgia

During Russian-Georgian War of August 2008, the first precedent of active cyber-attacks against Georgia took place. This fact became the main cause for raising Cyber Security issues in the country, as the Government of Georgia realized the need to work more actively in this direction. In 2012, a special entity - Cybercrime Unit was established within the Central Criminal Police Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA), which is responsible for investigation of Cybercriminal occurrences. Moreover, the Cybercrime Unit is a permanent international contact point, which communicates with international law enforcement agencies in case of need.

From this period, data on Cybercrime in Georgia is being collected. Institute for Development of Information Technologies - IDIT was interested in the number of registered cybercrime (both solved and unsolved cases) within the country. With this in mind, IDIT has requested the information from MIA and after receiving the processed data, made it prominent for the society.

The statistical information presented on infographics is obviously, not encouraging – the number of registered incidents, as well as the number of unsolved cases is very high. Though the effort of Special Cybercrime Unit of MIA is noteworthy, as the number of identified cybercrime and solved cases has significantly increased during last couple of years. Therefore, we would like to thank the Public Relations and Informational Maintenance Division of MIA for providing the needed data and Cybercrime Unit of MIA for its tireless work for protecting citizens in terms of cybersecurity.

Despite this, for improvement of overall situation in the country, only the efforts from law enforcement entities is not enough – each member of society must realize his/her responsibility and the need to satisfy the minimum Information Security standards, which will yield the desired results in the future.