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On May 14, IDIT held the Conference “Unlimited Abilities Online”

14 May 2017
On May 14, IDIT held the Conference “Unlimited Abilities Online”

On May, 14, the N (N) L E “Institute for Development of Information Technologies” (IDIT) in cooperation with the project “Kaldra”, and with support of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency, held the conference named “Unlimited Abilities Online”.

The event is a pilot version of the project “Digital Government” (Digitalgov) by IDIT aiming to take up blind users’ online space integration and finding their technical solution issues. 

Conference was opened by the Executive Director of IDIT George Gvasalia, who reviewed general standards of Internet Accessibility and Georgian reality in this regard; he also introduced the“Audio Website”. As for the second speaker of the 1st panel -Ana Abashidze- Head of “Partnership for Human Rights (PHR), reviewed PWDS general problems in legal aspect, and she also reviewed certain Georgian case-studies in this matter.

After the break, discussion continued about rather more technical aspects of the issue.  Author of the Project “Kaldra”, Elene Latsoshvili introduced her presentation “Web for them who listens- adapted blog systems. She discussed the major features developers must consider when creating web for the blind users. Beka Gozalishvili- programmer of the “Municipal Services Development Agency (MSDA), presented the topic “Speech Synthesis” and discussed Speech Synthesizer settings for the blind users, including the Georgian background and current situation in terms of the problem.  Besides, the third speaker of the 2nd panel, Aleksandre Khutsishvili, a developer of the company “Circle” reviewed the following topics in his presentation: Adapted site development issues, synthesizer specifics and supporting software and peripheral devices.

The conference was attended by State and NGO sector representatives, journalists, students and other interested people. The event was conducted in a nice atmosphere with active involvement and discussion between the audience and the speakers.

Worth mentioning, “Unlimited Abilities Online” is just the beginning of a pilot version of the above mentioned project and the “Institute for Development of Information Technologies” is aiming to carry out similar activities in the future as well.