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Conference - Unlimited possibilities in online space

14 May 2017
Conference - Unlimited possibilities in online space

On May 14, from 14:30 to 19:00 in Tbilisi Technopark, a conference "Unlimited Possibilities in Online Space" will be held with the Institute of Development of Information Technology, Co-organized by the project "Caldra" and with the support of the Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency. 

The conference is part of IDIT's project (Digital Gov), which aims to standardize Georgia's online space and help the government provide even more effective access to this space. 

During the project, activities related to various topics are planned - simulations, trainings, conferences and more. - The conference "Unlimited possibilities in Online Space" will address the practical, educational and technical aspects of the use of online space by persons with disabilities. 

Specialists in the field of technology and inclusive education will share their experiences. IDIT's "Text to speech reader website’’ presentation and discussion on the following issues will be held during the conference: 

  • Use of Reading Programs and Optimization Perspectives in Georgia; 

  • Internet access standards and reviews of the Georgian online space; 

  • Web for those who listen: Adapted Blog System 

  • Synthesis of speech; 

  • More opportunities for blind developers. 

Attendance is free for interested people, but you need to fill out a registration form. 

For more information, see the link or contact us: 

E-mail: [email protected]; Tel.: +995 032 2 560 561